Limit CPU Time for a specific user on Server 2008 (Registry edit)

Within Server 2008 it is possible to limit a user a specific percentage of CPU Time.

Lets assume there is a Backup Service Account. This account makes every night a backup. The creation of a backup is time consuming process (depends on amount of data) and there is a requirement from the business that it may not prohibit the business from functioning.

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Configure a span port on a catalyst 3560

To create a span port on a cisco 3560 “swouter” the following preparations:

1. Connect the host/server/ip phone is connected to a port on the switch

2. Connect the wireshark client to another port on the switch. (this will be the destination port.

3. Connect the uplink for the client to the switch (if not already configured.)

to configure the switch:

monitor 1 source interface fastethernet 0/1

monitor 1 destination interface fastethernet 0/2

install wireshark and configure the filter to display only the host. (ip host)


MBWE 2 TB Full Recovery Procedure

Recover  step by step procedure for a Mybookworld 2 TB NAS.


Ok guys here it is. I have a MBWE with 2 1 tb drives in it. I had used the drives for a project and wanted to make a clean start.

What did i do to make it work again from totally clean drives to a Raid 1 config.

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