Create a Loopback adapter in Windows 7 to communicate within GNS3

Purpose of a loopback adapter

the purpose of a loopback adapter is to communicate as if you were on a real network.

To create a loopback adapter in Windows 7 follow the following steps:

Step 1: Click Start and type in the following command: Hdwwiz.exe


Step 2: Next


Step 3: Install the hardware that I manually select from the list. Next


Step 4: Go to Network Adapters and click next


Step 5: Select Microsoft and select Microsoft Loopback adapter. Next

Step 6: Next and after install click finish.

Step 7: Go to Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center.

Step 8: Click on Change adapter Settings.


Step 9: Select Microsoft Loopback Adapter

Step 10: Configure Static Ip address.



2 Tips which can be handy:

1. Remember to successfully communicate with Loopback adapters be sure to run GNS3 with Administrative privileges.

2. If you are having problems turn off the local firewall to determine if the firewall is blocking traffic.






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