Cisco Pix 501 Setup Part 1

In this manual i will install and configure a cisco pix firewall.

Step 1 will explain how the pix will be setup from start.

Step 2 will configure the cisco pix

First we need to reset the cisco pix 501:

1. connect console cable and login.
If you cannot login i suggest you go here

2. First erase the config currently placed on the cisco pix.

write erase



3. After the cisco pix has reloaded the setup wil start

3.1 Preconfigure Pix firewall enter

3.2 Enable password. Fill in a password

3.3 Fill in Clock parameters





3.4 Inside IP Address: This is the ip address that will be configured for the inside interface Eth 1.

3.5 Inside Mask: Subnet mask

3.6 Hostname: Pix01

3.7 Domain name: 2ictsupport.local

3.8 Ip adres of host running PIX DEVICE Manager:

3.9 It is very important that the host connecting for the pdm has the ip adres provided above. This is the ONLY IP address that has access to the http server!

4.0 Use this config and write to flash ? Y {enter}

If you have alle the information provided the screen should look like this:


Now you can configure a client with the ip adres desribed above and browse to
Requirements are: windows xp with a very old java version: 1.4

Logging on to the cisco pix:

1. Go with IE to the adres:


Provide your password given earlier and click ok.

2.  Right click the notification bar


3. Click Always allow Pop-ups from this website.


4. Click always


5. Click yes


6. Provide password and click Yes


7. Click proceed


8. The startup wizard will start



To make the pdm software available for the whole subnet and not for 1 ip adres you need to configure the following command:

http inside

With this command you allow all clients within the range from 1 till 253. These ip addresses can connect to the http server. Before it was only possible to connect from the ip address.

This was step 1. Step 2 will be described in an other article.


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